When did you realize you were big?


When I was little, I remember my parents encouraging me to take more responsibility. They would let me know that responsibility came with being “big”. I am sure you have heard it. “You can do it. You’re big.” I am also sure you have said it to your kids. I know I have.

Becoming a big

Last year I became a “big”. That is, I was given the opportunity to serve with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. This organization trains, matches and supports adult volunteers in
mentorships with youth. The older person is referred to as the “big” – big brother / big sister. The little becomes the younger sibling. The great part of being a big is not needing any special skill, degree or background. You just need the desire to care for a young person. You become a role model, friend and fan for someone growing in life. It gives you a chance to use the phrase again: “You can do it.”

Still growing

My little and I got to play a game called Hedbanz. Each player draws a card without looking at it and puts it in the headband they are wearing. The others can see it, but you can’t. Now you ask each other questions trying to figure out what card you have on your
head. When my little had a snowman on his headband, I learned a few things when my clues provided him no help.

Not everyone has made a snowman, not everyone eats the same veggies and I have a whole lot more to learn. The irony about being a big is the simple things remind me I still have so much growth yet to attain. It is good to have someone to grow with. I don’t have to
have all the answers, I just need to provide the time and the caring. It is good to have someone with whom you can share questions and answers until the picture becomes clear.

Learn more

Join us for our Methodist Scouters Conference to learn more about this unique opportunity. Or you can learn more today here.

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