A New Agreement Coming Soon

Below are two letters providing an overview of the new Annual Affiliation Agreement and a set of recordings from the June 16th Zoom webinar shared by the United Methodist / BSA Relationship Committee. The short video snippets are provided to help you scan through to parts of the meeting you’ll be most interested in.  Stay tuned to this space to see the official Annual Affiliation Agreement and Facility Use Agreement posted soon.  We plan to make it available on/before July 1st.

Work with your Council as we move forward
Options for Service – 4 minutes
Commitment to helping youth – 3 minutes
Jeff Hunt lays out the new agreement – 9 minutes

This pending agreement sets the local congregation in a safe place for liability and indemnification. It opens the door for us to serve with the same commitment to youth and faith. There are a lot of practical steps to exercising this new relationship. It is a seed change that will replant the vineyard of Scouting.

Tom Starnes reviews legal aspects – 9 minutes
Jay Rosenlieb on the importance of scouting in the UMC – 8 minutes

Watch here for more resources and links.

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