Updated April 24, 2023

BSA has formally been approved by the court to exit bankruptcy. The work of healing begins with acknowledging the significant harm and additional lessons to be learned. Survivors are needed to help keep improving safety. GCUMM is committed to this progress. Our relationship with BSA is based on the willingness to grow in safety and service.

Most of the United Methodist Churches being faithful to their communities and continuing in Scouting have already established their legal relationship with the church. The insurance policy for BSA has been renewed.

The updated agreements are found below. The policy levels are active within the policy period. No other action is necessary to be taken.


Key Things to Know:

  1. We are in ministry. This will require us to engage in relationship-building. Living as Christ has called us means we must get to know those around us, and share time, and care.

2. The two supported agreements are the Affiliation Agreement and the Facilities Use Agreement.

3. If a church uses one of the agreements, it is the standard agreement for all UM congregations and is not to be modified. If there are questions about modification, they should be sent to Steven Scheid at GCUMM. SScheid@GCUMM.org

Options for Service – 4 minutes

Two Agreements

The Final Affiliation Agreement is the affiliated way for the church to connect more and meet local BSA Councils in the middle. The structural change for local BSA Scout Councils to own all the physical assets and share their EIN is a big ask in a short time. This agreement allows for the congregation to hold the physical assets (trailer, tents, chuck boxes, etc.). They remain on the church property insurance in case of left or loss. Many Councils found this to be assistance greatly needed. The document for this agreement is below. No other document in UMC/BSA history has so explicitly called on the church to stand in ministry.

The Facilities Use Agreement may be used for a Scout group becoming a Council Registered Unit or if the Scout group has found another charter organization. This allows the Scouts to stay at the church and continue Scouting. It does separate the church from legal responsibility to the Scouts, except for space and storage. It does not prevent any individual from serving out their faith within the community. Living out faith is the greatest witness we can share. Thank you for serving.

Critical Resources for Making Changes

Suppose you are working toward a Facilities Use Agreement. In that case, the church must fill out a FacilitesUse Agreement from above and a Unit Charter Release if the charter is going to another organization.

Suppose you are working toward an Affiliation Agreement. In that case, the church must fill out the Final Affiliation Agreement from above and a Transfer of Funds to the Local Council form. The church is encouraged to support the Scouts by holding physical assets.

The updated Memorandum of Understanding is attached below. This commitment was renewed in July 2022. It and the Book of Discipline are the foundations for the relationship with the GCUMM and Scouting.

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