It is here!

Below is the Affiliation Agreement. The 2022.6.29 dated agreement is the final agreement. The final Facilities Use Agreement is posted below the Affiliation Agreement.

Key Things to Know:

  1. All current charters and facility use agreements that are in use now are to continue until BSA completes the new agreement with the church.

2. Churches may use the facility use agreement as a stand-alone document if the church is allowing BSA to use the facilities. The BSA insurance provisions will be included if the facilities use agreement is being used.

3. If a church is using the new agreement, it is the standard agreement for all UM congregations and is not to be modified. If there are questions about modification, they should be sent to Steven Scheid at GCUMM.

4. There is an interim agreement to extend the protections to the church while the transitions are finished. BSA and GCUMM have executed it to protect your church. A copy is available below.

Watch here for more information and training on the process.

Options for Service – 4 minutes
Work with your Council as we move forward
Commitment to helping youth – 3 minutes
Jeff Hunt lays out the new agreement – 9 minutes

We will sort through this with some new paths. It opens the door for us to serve with the same commitment to youth and faith. There are a lot of practical steps to exercising this new relationship. It is a seed change that will replant the vineyard of Scouting.

Watch here for more resources and links.

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