Providing skills and safe places for discipleship

Every Scouting Ministry partner program participant must pass a background check, receive training, and follow the rules for keeping youth, adults, and organizations safe. BSA, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, and Big Brothers Big Sisters have each spent time and money developing best practice safety rules. They are specific to the program and activities. The GeneralContinue reading “Providing skills and safe places for discipleship”

Moving from Church to the Field

We are a Wesleyan people. There is still much to learn from John Wesley’s experience in growth and submission to the will of God. His journals are a powerful tool for us to learn and grow. At the least, his writings can give us a context for today’s church. It was 1739. John Welsey wasContinue reading “Moving from Church to the Field”

Time for a Relationship

For the last 114 years, Methodists have sought to provide learning opportunities for youth through Scouting. Before the Boy Scouts of America was formed, some Methodist churches across the United States saw the value in living experiential lessons and the practical application of servant faith. They started Scout Troops. When BSA was formed, they joined.Continue reading “Time for a Relationship”