Two to Tango?

There is an old saying, “It takes two to tango.” I got curious and searched for the origins of the expression. In 1952, a song titled “Takes Two to Tango” was released by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning. One of my favorite musicians of all time, Louis Armstrong, recorded it on a 45 rpm record. Take a moment and enjoy listening. A link is below.

There are all kinds of things we can do solo. But if we want to be in the dance together, it will take two. The dancers that make Scouting work are local churches and local councils. The BSA would never have grown into such an amazing organization without partners who embraced their steps for the last 100 years. The dance was a concerted effort of movements. Each partner moved with the other, sometimes in tandem and sometimes in opposition. Each brought richness to the movements.

The music has changed. The irony of dance partners is that they dance to the music but they don’t play the music. The music comes from others. In our case, the music comes from legislatures changing laws, courts making rulings, and lawyers engaging in legal battles. The music has not stopped. The movements have changed to a new tune.

I agree that “our ability to serve kids is paramount.” I also agree that the solo dance is not the way. We love Scouting. We want to stay in partnership. Maybe it is time to learn the Waltz or to Swing Dance together, please.

We are ready. Councils, may we have this dance?

Published by Steven Scheid

Dir. Center for Scouting Ministries

3 thoughts on “Two to Tango?

  1. I agree with the comment that it takes two to tango. And I agree the United Methodist church in the past has had local churches as supportive chartering organizations.

    I agree that the music has changed and lots of those churches and ceased to be as supportive as they were in the past. As a matter of fact, I now am surprised at how many are not willing to do basic support. As a United Methodist member I believe the UMC and Scouting now have little to no future.


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